How to Register an Account with GoDoChurch

Adding a person into a GoDoChurch database creates a profile for that person. A profile is simply a record of that person's personal information. It does not give them access to the administration system. For this person to be able to access the admin system as well as all the features of the mobile app they need to register an account.

Note: if you are the person who signed your church up for a GoDoChurch database then we created an account for you when you signed up. If you want to add other staff members as administrators then they need to register an account.

There are two ways to register an account with GoDoChurch:


1. Have an administrator create an account from within the system

We cover this process in depth, along with all the info about setting permission levels, in this help article: Onboarding your team.


2. Use the app

  • Download and open the GoDoChurch app ( ).
  • Register an account through the app.

  • An email will be sent to you asking you to verify your email address. Click the link in that email.

  • You now have an account with GoDoChurch!

  • Note: your permission levels will be set to 'Public'. This gives you very limited access to the admin system. If you need a higher permission level ask your church administrator.

Note: GoDoChurch uses permission levels to restrict the access levels of accounts to the system. The default permission level of all new accounts is 'Public'. You can read all about setting a person's permission level in this article: Assigning Permission Levels