How to capture kids info into a family unit


GoDoChurch allows you to group profiles together into a family unit and add kids to that family. At the moment you cannot add this info via the mobile app; nor can you import it; and for security reasons we can't allow your congregation to edit this info themselves. Having said that, there are three strategies for getting kids info into the system.


Creating family units

This help file will explain how to add kids info to a family unit, but note: connecting two profiles together into a family unit needs to be done manually, by an administrator.  Read this help file for more info on how to do that.


Below are three ways to add children to a profile or family unit.


1) Do a data drive and add it manually

If you are a small to medium-sized church you may find it easiest to have an administrator capture this info manually into the system.


2) Have parents enter the information using the Kids Church Online Registration Page

The Kids Church module has a feature that allows parents to sign their kids in on a Sunday. You can access this feature by opening the Kids Church module >> Launch online registration page button.

  • The system asks parents to sign in using their email or mobile number. If the person is not in the system they will be asked to add their details. 
  • Once they have signed in the system will show a list of all their kids saved on the system. If a parent wants to add a child to their family info they can do so by clicking the Add Child button.
  • Once a parent has added all the info they need they can click Finish, and the next parent can follow the same process.
  • Note, kids church classes need to be created before parents can add their children.

3) Have Kids Church workers capture the info for you

If a parent arrives at Kids Church but their info is not in the system, a Kids church worker can quickly add all their info into the system, including kids info via the Quick Add function and then completing the parent's full profile to add the kids.