Sending Emails

Email is a great way to send detailed information to your church.

Email set-up

GoDoChurch allows you to send emails from either a) your church's email address or b) from the email address saved in your profile. All replies will go to the email address used to send the email.

Setting your church's email address

If you would like to change the "from" address of your church go to Settings >> Database Settings. Click Email Server. Enter the new "from" email address in the From Email field.

Note: only people with admin level permissions can access this setting.

Sending an email

To send an email:

  • From the main menu click Communication >> Messaging.

  • From the drop-down menu chose who you would like to email.

  • Follow the prompts to refine who you want to email.

  • Click Next.

  • Select Email from the drop-down menu.

You will now be presented with a drop-down menu with three options: 1) Load email from a MailChimp template, 2) Paste my own HTML, and 3) Type my email from scratch.

Load email template from a MailChimp Campaign

This is a feature we are really proud of! MailChimp is an incredible tool that allows you to design beautiful emails. We have built an integration between MailChimp and GoDoChurch which allows you to design beautiful, custom email templates in MailChimp Campaigns (adding things like your church logo), and then send emails to anyone in your database using these templates. Never send a dull looking email ever again! For more info on how to connect MailChimp and GoDoChurch read this help file: Send beautiful emails with the MailChimp integration

Paste my own HTML

This is an advanced feature for people who know how to code an email in HTML. We won't bore you with the instructions because either you know how to do it or you don't :)

Type my email from scratch

If you are just wanting to send a simple email then this is the option to select.
Note: don't forget to add a subject line.

Selecting who the email should be sent from

Each time an email is sent you need to chose whether the email is to be sent from the church's email address or from the email address of your profile in GoDoChurch.

You can set this by ticking or un-ticking the checkbox titled "Send from my email address and send all replies to me" on the email compile screen.

If selected, the email will be sent from your email address saved in your profile, and all replies will come to that address too. If un-selected then the email will be sent from the church's email address.

Note for administrators: the email address in your profile should not be the same as the email address of your church. Use your own, personal email address for your profile.


Sending emails to people in the Follow Up feature

Please note, if you would like to send emails to first-time visitors or anyone added to the Follow Up module you need to do so from the Follow Up module as you currently cannot access Follow Up module data from the Messaging feature.

To send an email to people in the Follow Up module:

  • Open the Follow Up module.

  • Search for the people you want to email.

  • Click the Messaging button.

Sending attachments

Currently, there is no way to send an attachment through the system. You can, however, upload the document you want to send to Google drive (or any cloud storage), set the permission levels on the document to 'public', grab the link to the document, and then paste the link into the email you plan on sending. That way people can click on the link and see the document you want to send.

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