FAQ Sermon module

Q: On the mobile app, can sermons be download so they can be listened to offline?

A: No, at the moment sermons stream to your phone. We hope to add offline listening sometime in the future.

Q: Can I use DropBox or Google Drive to host my sermons?
A: For the most part, no. If you signed up for DropBox when it first came out you were given a 'Public' folder. Items in this folder could be synched with GoDoChurch. However, the public folder facility is no longer available for DropBox. Google Drive also does not work as a hosting solution because of the way they set up their sharing links.

Q: Can I link my GoDoChurch sermon channels to our church website?

A: At the moment, no. If you are using SoundCloud, you can connect your SoundCloud RSS feed to your website. You will need to ask your web developer to do this for you.

Q: Can we upload sermon series?

A: Yes, but the only way to group them is to create a dedicated channel for them. Otherwise, simply label them clearly (“1 of 4: Abounding Grace”) and add them to your normal sermon feed.

Q: Can I add a custom image for a sermon?

A: No, only channels can have a custom image. All sermons adopt the image of the channel in which they are posted.

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