Assigning Permission Levels

This article explains how to assign permission levels to one of your team members. Permission levels are used to determine how much access to the system different members of your team have.  If you are in the process of introducing your admin team to GoDoChurch we recommend you start by reading Onboarding your team, and then come back to read this help article.

To assign a new permission level to one of your team:

  • Find the person to whom you want to grant access by searching for them and opening their profile.

  • If a profile for the person does not yet exist, go ahead and add them to the system.

  • With the person's profile open, click on the Account tab. 

  • Change the Permission level for this database drop-down menu to the required permission level. Select from:

    • Administrator: Admins have the ability to change the settings of the database. 

    • Power User:  A Power User has most of the permission levels of a full Admin but they are not able to edit the database settings.

    • Executive User: An Executive User cannot edit groups or database setting. 

    • Trusted User: A Trusted User has limited access, and can only search the database, and send emails. 

You can see a full break down of the various permission levels by going to Settings >> Permissions in the main menu in GoDoChurch.


Granting someone Admin level permission

In some instances, you will want to grant a staff member full Admin rights. Admins have the ability to change the settings of the database. We recommend only granting this level of access to a very few people on your team.

To set a person's permission level to Admin, follow the instructions above for assigning/changing a permission level.

When a person creates a database they are automatically granted Admin level permissions in GoDoChurch. Only people with Admin level permissions can set others to Admin.

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