If you have not yet read Introduction to Follow Up we recommend you do so now as it lays important foundations for understanding how the Follow Up module works.

How Follow Up works

The Follow Up module provides an easy way for churches to ensure that people who need following up are assigned to the right people for pastoral care. It then tracks the status of that person to make sure no-one falls through the cracks. Here is how it works.

  • People are added to the system either via the admin system or via your custom Follow Up Web Page. When a person is added we call this creating a new follow up record.

  • Each record contains the person's personal info as well as other info about their age profile, the reason they need following up, and at which location (usually a Sunday service) the record was created.

  • When a new record is added GoDoChurch assigns it a follow up status of 'New'. The goal is to move all records from 'New' to 'In progress' to 'Complete'.

  • An administrator then assigns a point person to follow this person up.

  • GoDoChurch then automatically notifies the point person via email or the mobile app that someone has been assigned to them for follow up.

  • Once the point person has completed the follow up, they change the follow up status of that person as 'Complete'. They do this by logging into the admin system.

How to add a follow up record

There are currently two ways to add a record into the Follow Up module

  • Add a record from the admin system:

    • open the Follow Up module and click the New Record button and fill in the person's personal info.

  • Add a record from the custom Follow Up Web Page:

    • each database comes with its own custom Follow Up Web Page that allows you to capture new follow-up records through it. This allows you to set up a computer or touchscreen at your church services – at the information desk for example – and easily record the info of people who ask for prayer, or who ask for info about small groups.

To create your own custom Follow Up Web Page, begin by opening the Follow Up module in the admin system. Then click the Follow Up Web Page button to launch the site. Any info added through this page will automatically be added to your GoDoChurch database.

Customising the Follow Up module

We have given you the ability to customise the Follow Up module in the following ways:

  1. Set the default reasons for follow up: 'new visitor' and 'new salvation' are just two reasons a person may need to be followed up. We have given you the ability to add your own custom reasons for follow up.

  2. Set the default status button: we recommend not editing these defaults. But if you strongly feel you must, then please contact us at support@godochurch.com and we can do it for you.

  3. Set the default locations: the location field is used to keep track of where the follow up record was created. It is really useful to know whether a first-time visitor attended the morning service or the evening service, or whether they attended the Friday night youth group. The location field allows you to capture this information. It also allows you to draw reports at a later stage on each of your preloaded locations. If you are looking for ways to track the statistics of your various services, regular out-reaches, or weekly youth events, this is how.

You can edit each of these settings by going to Follow Up module and clicking the Settings button. Then click the Reasons/Status/Locations buttons to make changes.

Searching your follow up data

We have made the Follow Up search feature as flexible as possible so you can see your follow up data in a way that makes it actionable.

Here are some common searches:

  1. Search for all records marked 'New'. This is a quick way to see all records that need to be actioned.

  2. Search for all records added this week that are first-time visitors. This will allow you to see all the people to whom you need to send a welcome message.

  3. Search for all first-time salvations and recommitments added between two set dates. This allows you to see who to contact regarding an upcoming new believers foundations course.

  4. Search for all records assigned to a regional coordinator. If your church has pastors who oversee specific regions in your church, this search allows you to see every record that falls under this person's oversight.

  5. Search for all records who have been assigned the age profile of 'Youth'. If your church has pastors who oversee specific age groups in your church this search allows you to see every record that falls under this person's oversight.

Changing the status of a follow up record

To change the status of a follow up record:

  • Run a search that brings up the record.

  • Click the Action >> Edit button on the left side of the record.

  • Next, adjust the status of the follow up record as required.

Click Update.

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