Restricting Event Registration

Page 2 of the event wizard gives you a way to restrict who can see your events. This allows you to target events for specific sets of people in your church. Restricting an event will have the following effect:

1) It restricts who will see the event on the mobile app:

Only people invited to the event will see the event advertised on the GoDoChurch mobile app. This is the primary use of the restrictions feature. It allows you to target events for specific sets of people in your church.

2) It restricts who receives messages sent via the Messaging module for this event: 
The Messaging module gives you the ability to send a message to all the people you have set as invited to an event.
To send an invite, simply open the Messaging module and select 'Events' on the first page, enter the name of the event and select 'All those who have not responded'. When you first send an invite "All those who have not responded' includes everyone invited. GoDoChurch will then only send a message to the people that match the restrictions you have specified on page 2 of the event wizard. So if you choose to restrict the event to only small group leaders, then only small group leaders will receive any messages you send through the Messaging module.

Note: GoDoChurch does not send an invite out for you, you need to do this yourself. 

NB Note: restricting an event does not prevent people from being able to register via the online registration page; nor does it stop an administrator from adding them as a registrant via the registrants' view.


FAQ's regarding event restrictions

Q: If I don't select any lists or groups in the event wizard will that mean no one will be able to register?  

A: No, when no restrictions are selected the event will be treated as an open event and anyone will be able to register.

Q: Can I restrict the event to multiple lists?  

A: Yes. Simply tick each list that you would like to invite to the event.


Q: What happens if I combine the restrictions? 

A: The restrictions are inclusive, not exclusive. This means if you tick one list and one group type, BOTH the people in the lists AND the people in the group type will be able to register.