Sometimes event organisers want to capture extra information about registrants - info such as dietary needs, transport requirements, or an indemnity form. GoDoChurch allows you to capture this information by including a link to an online form as part of the registration process.


Summary of how it works

When a link is included as part of the registration process, GoDoChurch...

1) Asks the registrant to please click the link on the ticket which has been emailed to them.


2) GoDoChurch then includes the link along with a custom message on the ticket.


  1. GoDoChurch cannot track who has filled in any online forms. This needs to be done manually.

  2. GoDoChurch cannot add attachments to a ticket. Instead, add a link to a document or form or any kind of media you want. For more info on Google Forms read this help article.


To add a link as part of the registration process

  1. Create or edit a new event.

  2. Navigate to page 4 of the event wizard.

  3. Add a link and a custom instruction message.


Helpful tips

When creating your online form, always include a field on the form that asks for the person's registration code (included on their ticket). This will allow you to very quickly search for the person in the Events module.