How do I purchase more SMSes?

All databases come preloaded with 50 free SMSes.

To purchase more SMSes:

  • You will need two things: 1) a credit/debit card, and 2) you need to be using the global GoDoChurch SMS service. All new churches are set to this option by default. 

  • Open the main menu in the admin system and select Settings >> Database Settings >> SMS Settings.

  • NB: Note your current total SMSes so you can make sure the transaction was successful.

  • Click Buy More SMSes.

  • Select the size of bundle you would like to purchase. Click Next.

  • Fill in all your credit/debit card info and click Buy Now.

  • Note: GoDoChurch does not store this info so you will need to enter this info each time you top-up your SMS credits.

  • If your card is activated for 3D security you will be redirected to a secure webpage where you need to authenticate the transaction. If the card is not set up for 3D security, the transaction will complete and the SMSes are added to your account.

  • You will receive two emails, one from GoDoChurch, and one from PayGate, serving as verification of the transaction.

  • If you have any problems please contact support at


Which countries do you service?

Currently, we provide SMSes for South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Namibia. But we are looking to add many more nations soon, so if you are from another nation please contact us! We will make a special effort to set it up for you.

How do your prices compare to other providers?

Our prices are very competitive. The only way to get cheaper SMSes is to purchase huge quantities of them, which costs a lot of money. When comparing our prices to other vendors be sure to note that our price is inclusive of VAT (i.e what it actually will cost you), while the quotes on vendors sites are exclusive of VAT (i.e it costs you more than they are saying).

Other questions

Note: all answers below relate to customers using the global GoDoChurch SMS service. 

Q: Will our SMSes expire?
A: No. Your SMSes remain valid for as long as you remain a client.

Q: Will you refund our SMSes if we cancel our contract?
A: No, unfortunately, we are not able to refund your SMS credits if you choose not to renew your contract.

Q: Can I send SMSes to international numbers?
A: At the moment, no.

Q: What happens if I send an SMS to a number that doesn't exist or to an international number?
A: Those SMSes will be marked as 'Failed', and will not be deducted from your total.

Q: Where can I see a record of the SMSes I have sent?
A: We have a very basic Log that allows you to see the number of successful SMSes you have sent. From the main menu go to Settings >> View Logs.

Q: Can people reply to an SMS sent through the admin system?
A: Yes, all replies to SMSes sent via the GoDoChurch admin system are emailed to the email address of the person who sent them, not to the church's email address.

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