Permission levels restrict what a person can do and what a person can see in either the admin system or in the mobile app. They help to protect people’s information and also help to stop people from changing important info or settings in the database.

We have added very robust security settings to the Groups module. This article will explain how to set those up.

Note: we are aware that this aspect of the system is a bit complex. We have every intention of simplifying this in the future. To help with the complexity we have included our recommendations and best practices below.

Introduction to group permissions

Group permissions are set for two different aspects of groups:

  1. Editing: this restricts who can add or edit groups.

  2. Search: this restricts who can search for these groups. 

Each group type gets its own set of permissions. This allows you to set different permission levels for leadership groups vs normal small groups.

Our recommendation is as follows:

  • Set Search permissions for groups to Public User. This allows your congregation to find groups easily. 

  • Set Edit permissions for groups to Trusted User. This allows only vetted leaders who your administrator has upgraded to Trusted User to create groups.

How to set the permission level for a group type

  • Open the Groups module.

  • Click Categories/Types Settings.

  • Look for ‘Seach Sec level’ and 'Edit Sec Level’ next to a group type.

  • Our recommendation is:

    • Set Search to Public user

    • Set Edit to Trusted user

  • Click Save.

Remember to upgrade your leaders' permission levels

By setting the edit permission level on groups to ‘Trusted user’ it will mean that before a leader can create a group, they will need to have their permission levels upgraded. Only users with permission levels of ‘Admin user’ can upgrade other users' permission level. If there is a person who oversees groups in the church we recommend setting them to ‘Admin user’, that way they can manage this part of groups administration.

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