In order for GoDoChurch to pay your church proceeds from online event ticket sales we need your bank account info. This help file explains how to add that info to the system.

You can add as many accounts as you want to GoDoChurch. 


Adding an account

To add a bank account:

  • Open Main Menu >> Settings >> Database Settings >> Bank Accounts.

  • Click Add account.

  • Fill in all the necessary info.

Editing an account

To edit an account simply click the Edit button next to the account. Note, for security purposes we send an email notification to all administrators in your database whenever a bank account is added or edited.

Deactivating an account

You cannot delete a bank account once you have added it (for security purposes), but you can deactivate it. Deactivating an account prevents it from being used as the payout account for an event, for example.
To deactivate an account:

  • Click Edit next to the account.

  • Click Deactivate.