Every church reaches out to a set of age groups. And often times churches organise themselves around these age groups. For example, many churches hire a youth pastor to oversee the youth, and a young-adults pastor to oversee 18-25 year olds.

In GoDoChurch we allow you to specify the age groups you reach out to. Once you have done so we use that information in two modules: the Groups Module, and the Follow-up module. When creating a group you are able to specify the age group that the group caters for; and when entering a follow up record, you are able to specify the age group of the person so that the correct people can follow them up.

Creating and editing age profiles

To create or edit your default age profiles:

  • Open Settings >> Database Settings from the main menu.

  • Click Age Profile in the left menu.

  • To add a new age profile click Add New Age Profile.

  • To edit an existing one press Edit.

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