Please make sure you have worked through the Introduction to Kids Church help file before reading this information.


Preparing the Kids Church Registration

Follow these steps to get to the Kids module:

1) Menu >> Church Life >> Kids Church

Please ensure that all your classes have already been created and that the necessary children have been added to the correct classes. In order for the registration of children to take place, you need to create a Session for every class. Follow these steps:

1) Click the Sessions tab next to the class in question

2) Click New Session

3) Select the Session Date (this is the date your Kids Church class will be taking place), the Kids Church Worker (this is the person who will be logged in to the system on the day and managing the registration), and most importantly make sure you tick the Session is active tick box.


You may be a church that runs multiple kids classes on the same day. For example, you might have a class for the 5-7 year old's at the 08h30 church service and then again at the 10h30 church service. There can only be one session active per day. If you have loaded two sessions for the same day and made them both active, the registration process will not run correctly.

In order to avoid this scenario, you need to check the Class Sessions page and confirm there is only one session active at any one time. Type the word true in the Active filter in order to search for any other sessions that may be active.

If there is another session that is active, then click the Edit tab next to the session and untick the Session is active tick box.

In the event of two kids church classes on the same day (as mentioned in the above example), make sure the session for the 08h30 class is active and that the 10h30 session is inactive for the 08h30 church service. Once the 08h30 service is finished you will need to make the 08h30 kids class session inactive and activate the 10h30 kids class session.

4) You can Drag the slider in order to determine how many sessions are listed. The filter boxes are also handy when trying to find a specific date or worker or active/inactive session.  This is important because when you use the filter facility it will only search the sessions that are visible. For example, if I am searching for all the sessions that are Active (by typing 'true' in the Active filter), it will only assess the sessions that are visible. To avoid any confusion, rather drag the slider to load quite a few entries.

5) You will need to replicate this process for every class that needs a session. In other words, (using the example above) you will need to create an active session for your 5-7 Year Class, your 8-11 Year Class, and your 12-13 Year Class.

6) You are now ready for your Kids Church registration.


Kids Church Registration on a Sunday

You will need to make sure you have a decent laptop (or tablet) and a good internet connection for the registration process.

Follow these steps:

1) Launch the Registration Page

2) You will be presented with a pop-up box. You have the option to Send SMS to parents

* Please note GoDoChurch does not provide the option to print labels at this time. We only allow for the export of a CSV file for import into a label template at this stage.

3)  You will be presented with the Registration Page

4) The parent needs to insert their mobile number or email address and click Submit

5) The following page will appear

  • All the children in the family will be listed. Their name & surname, birth date, and (member of which class) details will be listed. If some of their details are incorrect or not present you will need to search for one of the parents on the portal and edit the family details.
  • If there is a child that is not listed,  there is a quick Add Child button available which allows you to add another child to the family (directly from the registration page). These details will be added to the family unit.

6) You can Sign In the kids individually OR you can make use of the Sign All In button which will automatically sign in all the children listed. 

If you Sign In the kids individually you will see the following screen:

You will also be SMSed the security code if you ticked the Send SMS to Parent tick box. If you don't use the SMS feature then the parent will need to get the security code in order to check their child out of kids church.

If you select the Sign All In button then all the kids will be signed in at once and the parent will receive an SMS with the security code.

7) This completes the Sign In process.

8) Once the church service is finished the parents will come to collect their kids. Make sure the Registration Page is loaded (step 3 above). The parent will log in with their mobile number or email address and the check-in page from earlier will reload (step 5 above). 

9) The parent can either click the Sign Out tab next to the child's name (if they checked the kids in individually) OR select the Sign All Out tab.

10) They will need to provide the security code which they received at check in. 

(Below is Sign All Out window)

(Below is Sign Out individual child window)

TAKE NOTE: If the parent signed the child in individually they need to sign them out individually. If they signed the children in using the Sign All In facility they must sign them out using the Sign All Out option.

11) There is an option which allows another adult to Sign Out someone else's child. In this case, the adult needs to have the security code for the child that was checked in earlier.

12) This completes the Sign Out process.


Kids Church Reporting

Once your Sunday Kids Church classes are done and you have completed the Sign In and Sign Out process the GoDoChurch system captures all this data into a kids church report. You can find these reports via these steps:

1) Click Menu >> Church Life >> Kids Church 

2) Select More (next to the class in question) >> Attendance Report

3) This will give you a simple attendance register of the sessions for that specific class. Use the slider to determine how many sessions you would like to be displayed.

4) You can find a similar report for each of the classes listed.

5) You can also generate a Session Report. Follow these steps:

6) Click Menu >> Church Life >> Kids Church >> Sessions (next to class in question) >> Session Register (next to date in question)

(Below is the Simple View)

You also have the option to view a Detailed View. Click the Detail View button.

(Below is the Detailed View)

The detailed view gives you almost all the information from the day of the class (the name of the person who signed the child in and out, the time, the security code, etc.)

If you click on the Actions button next to a child in question, you have a few additional options:

  • Sign Out
  • Reset attendance for child
  • View profile of person who signed the child into kids church


If you have any questions regarding the Kids Church module please don't hesitate to contact us at