Why your church needs a mobile app

Effective discipleship through great communication 

As a church, you are doing your very best to help your congregation grow in God. A key aspect of this are the ministries, events, and activities of the church. You can greatly increase your church’s participation by informing them about all that is happening. The mobile app serves these goals in two really important ways: 1) since congregants can update their personal info directly from the app, it ensures you always have accurate contact info (helping you to stay in touch), and 2) you can post events, news, messages, sermons, and ministry info directly onto people's phones, and let’s face it, in today's world, people spend a lot of time on their phone!   

Increase church involvement 

The app gives your congregation info about all your ministries as well as info about your growth path. Congregants can then join ministries directly from the app, or, if they need to, contact the leader of that ministry to ask for more info. Members can also see your recommended Growth path and record their participation too. All of this will increase member engagement. 

Insights into church life 

Keeping track of each person’s ministry involvement and growth path participation is almost impossible without a mobile app. But now that members can update that info for you directly from the app, you can gain important insight into people’s involvement at church. 

Save money 

Your church can save quite a bit on the cost of SMSes by using push notifications instead. Some churches can save more on SMSes than the monthly cost of the app! 

App Features

Here is a list of all the things people can do through the app:

  • Update their personal information, which then syncs automatically with your database, meaning you always have the most up-to-date contact info. 

  • Update their involvement in ministries. 

  • Get info about all the Ministries you run in church and who to contact if they would like to get involved. 

  • See your Growth Path, and mark off an activity when they participate in it, giving you unprecedented insight into how people are progressing. 

  • Subscribe to News Channels to read the latest news, or watch uploaded YouTube videos. 

  • See a list of upcoming events, and register for those events directly from the app. 

  • Receive push notifications sent from the admin system (Notifications of App messages are limited on Apple Devices until Apple launches their new IOS), saving your church money on SMS costs. 

  • Stream sermons from the app. 

  • Get Sunday service information (location, times, contact person, etc.). 

  • See your vision and values.

  • Send a message directly from the app to the point person of a ministry, or the contact person for a Sunday service. 

  • Notification and updating of follow up records coming soon!

To activate the mobile app on your GoDoChurch account, email us.