Some users of the Android app have reported not receiving any push notifications. This help article will help you trouble shoot the problem.

The most common causes of push notifications not being delivered is that the settings on your phone mean the app is not allowed to run in 'background' mode. The confusing thing is, apps like WhatsApp are given special privileges by Android, and so almost always work, giving the false impression that the GoDoChurch app is broken. We promise it is not. Here are the settings you need to change in order to get your messages:


Change your phone settings

1) Open Settings >> Apps >> GoDoChurch >> make sure ALL notifications are activated for the GoDoChurch app, including 'Banners'.

2) Next find the section that deals with permission for apps to run in the background. This has a different name depending on what Android phone you are using. Here are the most common names: 

  • app auto-start
  • start-up manager
  • auto-start manager
  • app optimisation
  • protected apps
  • background app management.

Make sure the GoDoChurch app is given permission to run in the background and this should solve the problem. 


Other less common problems

  1. Your church administrator may have a duplicate profile for you on the GoDoChurch admin system, and they may be sending push notifications to the wrong profile. Check with them to see if there are any duplicates.
  2. You are not in a Wifi zone, and have not activated mobile data usage for apps. 
  3. You are in an office where the Wifi firewall is preventing you receiving push notifications. Connect to the internet in another location and see if that helps.
  4. You have 'Do-not-disturb' activated on your phone :)