Updating a List with Search Results


You can update a list (Ministry, Church Role, List or Growth Path Activity) by using the Advanced search to create the updated list and then syncing the search results with the list.

To add data to a custom list using search:

  • Open the Advanced Search module from the main menu: Database >> Advanced Search.

  • Search for the set of people you want to add to a list. For example, if you want to add all the men to a 'Men's Ministry' list then search for all the men by clicking on Gender and then selecting 'Male' from the Gender drop-down list.

  • Click Search

  • Next, click the Select all button on the top left of the list of profiles. This will select everyone in your search.

  • Click Bulk Actions and then click Sync people to . A pop up will appear allowing you to choose which list you would like to sync.

  • Select the list and click Sync.

Note: there is a checkbox that allows you to reset the list. If you select this all previous records in that list will be removed and it will be repopulated with your current selection. This tickbox determines whether you add your search results to a current list (unticked) or whether you replace the list with your search results(ticked).