Our Mobile App

A bit of background context...

We have moved our mobile app development to a Progressive web app (PWA) (or WebApp according to Apple) model.  A PWApp is basically a mobile website with the functionality of a full mobile app. 

This model is fast becoming the new standard of mobile app development - even Instagram has a PWA version of their app. It costs less to maintain,  the app is standardised across all platforms and improvements and functionality are automatically updated on the app as the developers release the updates.

This brings considerable advantages to our clients. 

  • The mobile app can be downloaded on on phone
  • Updates are pushed to all apps when the are released - no need to update your app to get the latest functionality. 
  • Speedier implementation of new feature accross all mobile app users.
  • A standard app for Apple, Android and other users, making rollout and support to church members easier for administrators.

All our future app development will happen on our PWApp.

Practically - Rollout to your Church Members

We have resources to help you roll out the app to your church members. Please read through all the help files in the Mobile App section before rolling out the app to your church. Here are a few for quick reference: