GoDoChurch can link with a Google Calendar to show that Calender on your mobile app. This feature was added so your church can view your church calendar on the mobile app.


For you to add a calendar to your GoDoChurch app you will need:

  • a Google Account and a standard Google Calendar with the Church Activities scheduled on it.
  • The calendar has to be set to Public sharing permissions


  • If you have a Gmail address, you have access to a Google Calendar. 
  • If you are using the main calendar in your Google account you can easily set up a secondary calendar in that same account for the church. Just make sure that you give other people who need to add or update this calendar access to it vie the sharing settings. 
  • Instructions to set up a secondary calender in Google can be found here.

How to link GoDoChurch and your Google calendar

You can also view a video here of where to find your CalendarID:

  • Open up the GoDoChurch admin system on the following page: Settings>> Database Settings >> General settings.
  • Then copy over the CalendarID from step 1 to the CalendarID field under the General Settings tab mentioned above.

Note: If you have not linked a Google Calendar in the admin system, the Calendar view will be hidden in the mobile app. 

How to Use the Google Calendar for your church

Adding events

You add events to your calendar by adding them directly to the calendar via Google Calendar - this is normally easily accessed from your Gmail email account or by downloading the relevant Google Calendar app from your app store.

We suggest that you complete the event detail in full adding all the relevant info in the notes sections. If the event requires registration - add in the comment 'Register under events', or add in the Online registration link from the GoDoChurch event you created to the calendar invite. Treat the Notes section as an invitation with all the relevant information in it.

On the app

  • Members can access the Church Calendar from the main menu on the app.  

  • Users can change the calendar view from the default agenda view to any of the below options by clicking on the More (...) button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

  • When clicking on any specific event on the app calendar, users will have the option to click on more details and to copy to my calendar which will copy the event into the church member's own Google calendar.

TIP: When users click on more details, any text links in the event description becomes clickable.