Running a limited-capacity church gathering in GoDoChurch

This is a quick reference guide to use alongside the GoDoChurch Training given on this topic. You can view the unedited recordings:

  1. Training #1 Recording 
  2. Training #2 Recording (Preferred if you did not attend a specific training session)

Also, reference the Event Module help files if you need more clarity on a specific setting.

Below is the Event Creation Wizard's 6 Steps that you need to go through when you create the event for a church gathering with a limit of 50 adults. You can change this ticket limit to suit your event limit or capacity. 

NOTE: Under Lockdown Level 1 you are allowed 50% of your venue capacity up to a limit of 250 people.

Event Setup - Step 1 

  • Is Active should be ticked
  • Requires registration should be ticked

Step 2

  • Ignore if you are inviting your whole church

Step 3

  • NB. Registration can only open 1 day after event creation. 
  • Tick Add new Registrants if you want to add everyone that registers for this event to your database. Always keep it ticked for in-house events.

Step 4

  • This is where you add the link to YOUR Google form if you want.  This will be included in the Confirmation email sent to members.

Step 5

  • Add images to show on the Online registration page and Mobile app. Use this to convey heart and important info. 

Step 6

  • Ignore for this events. Use it for a big conference or paid event.

Registration types

  • Create your ticket types. 
  • Adult type for adults and kids for kids. 
  • This is where you limit the number of tickets available under Max tickets available.
  • Remember to add your staff first!!

Set up your Google Form to capture the attendee register.

On the Day

  • Open up GoDoChurch and sign in the attendees on the Registrants page of the event. 
  • Then open op the responses sheet of your Google form and verify their answers and add their temperature reading next to their names. 

Next Sunday

  • Create a copy of your event, the settings are copied over, but registrants are reset to 0.
  • You can use the same google form for all Sunday Service Covid registrations.

GoDoChurch created this content as a guideline to assist clients. Compliance to the Government regulations as found in the Government Gazette remains the responsibility of the church.