Your GoDoChurch monthly subscription is paid by debit order. Your bank account or card details are provided to us when you sign up to become a client. If at any time you need to update these details you can follow the steps below. 

This information and functionality are only accessible by an Administrator-level profile and the person indicated as you Financial contact on your database. 

To update the banking details card details used to process your monthly GoDoChurch debit order:

  • Log into Your GoDoChurch Database. On the top right-hand menu that pops up when you click on your name select the View Account option.

  • On the first tab, Client Info, scroll down to the bottom to find the Banking details section and update your details.

  • Make sure you select the correct Account Type dropdown to indicate if this is a credit card or a current/savings account.
  • When you have completed the info, click on Save.