Send beautiful emails with the MailChimp integration


MailChimp is an incredible tool that allows you to design and send beautiful emails.
We love MailChimp so much that we have built an integration between MailChimp and GoDoChurch that allows you to send emails to your database using the HTML email designs you create in MailChimp. This has two benefits: 1) you only have one mailing list in GoDoChurch (instead of two - one in MailChimp, and one in GoDoChurch), and 2) you can now send custom designed emails that can include your church's logo, images, and anything else you desire!

What can I use this feature for?

Here are some ways you can use this feature:

  1. You can create a template to send to all first-time visitors to your church that contains your church's branding, info about small groups, and links to events you run (such as a membership course or a foundations class).

  2. You can create templates for events you run every year such as the youth camp, men's meetings, or worship gatherings.

  3. You could create beautiful emails to advertise a conference you are hosting containing the branding for that event.

What do I need to use this feature?

To use this feature you need:

  1. A MailChimp account. These are free, and very easy to set up. Visit to get started. 

  2. You need a special code MailChimp will give you called your API. You can find instructions (don't worry, they are really easy) on how to find your API here: Finding your MailChimp API.

  3. You need to enter your API into GoDoChurch. You can find instructions on how to do that here: Setting up GoDoChurch (tip: scroll right to the bottom of the help file).

Accessing your template in GoDoChurch

Once GoDoChurch and your MailChimp account are connected GoDoChurch will import all your templates for use in the Messaging module automatically.

To access your templates open Messaging >> [chose who to message] >> Email >> Load email template from a MailChimp Campaign.

Using a blank template containing your branding

One of the best ways to use the MailChimp integration is to create a simple template that only contains your church branding. An electronic church letterhead if you will. Once the template pulls through into GoDoChurch you can then add your text to the template.

Another useful template to create is one for first-time visitors to your church. Once it is set up you can easily send a beautifully branded email to all first-time visitors using the Follow Up module.

NOTE: To pull the HTML template as that you created in Mailchimp though to GoDoChurch, make sure to use the template in a Mailchimp campaign.

2021 System upgrade: Changes to how the Mailchimp integration work

From 23 January 2021, any email design/HTML template created in Mailchimp will need to be added to a campaign in Mailchimp to be available in GoDoChurch. 

This can be done by creating a campaign, adding yourself or one person as your audience and then using your template in the design step of your campaign. You don't have to send the campaign, just create it. 

Limitations of MailChimp Integration

Please note, at the moment, we don't support merge tags when sending bulk email. Merge tags such as [name] only work when sending SMSes from the system.

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