We have been busy upgrading the back end of our integration to Mailchimp. This will make the connection more stable and resolve any errors that might have been experienced in the past.

The main change is that before the upgrade we made use of Mailchimp Templates. Now we will be pulling your Campaigns, and not Templates, into GoDoChurch.

You will see some small changes to our admin system and you will have to make one or two changes in the way you work in Mailchimp to get your email templates available in your GoDoChurch Messaging feature.

What you need to know:

  • No need to change your API.
  • The process to send out an email template from GoDoChurch stays the same. 
  • Any Templates created before the upgrade will remain in Templates in Mailchimp, but will not be available on GoDoChurch any more. You will need to convert them to a campaign to use them in GoDoChurch Messaging.

What you need to do:

  • For new email templates that you want to use in GoDoChurch: Create a Campaign in Mailchimp. The email design created in the design step will pull through into GoDoChurch
  • For currently existing Mailchimp templates: Create a campaign for each of the templates that you previously created. 
  • Note: Campaigns don't have to be sent out, just created.
  • You can either spend time creating campaigns for all your templates beforehand, or you can create a campaign for each template the first time you want to use that template in GoDoChurch. 

When will this be implemented:

This upgrade will go live on the evening of Saturday, 23 January 2021 (GMT+2). After this date, only Mailchimp Campaigns will be available in GoDoChurch,

For more info: