Add Attachment to GoDoChurch Email


There may be times when you need to attach a document when you are sending an email from your GoDoChurch database. We prefer to include a link in your email which directs people to an online storage facility for your document.

Attachments may cause the following problems:

  1. Attachments can raise 'suspicious flags' resulting in the email being blocked by spam filters and recipients.
  2. If you do need to send a larger file (greater than 10MB), some attachments may have file size limits.
  3. Attachments can use up a lot of space on your servers (for the sender and the recipient).
  4. You are unable to track whether an attachment has been opened. There are some cloud storage facilities that generate a report on how many times your link has been clicked.

Online Storage Facilities

 Here are some suggestions for online storage facilities:

  • Google Drive: 15GB free.
  • Box: 10GB free.
  • OneDrive: 5GB free.
  • iCloud: 5GB free.
  • Dropbox: 2GB free, plus up to 16GB extra.

Attach Document to GoDoChurch Email?

If you don't know how to send a normal email in the GoDoChurch system then please read Sending Emails before continuing.

OK, so if you are good with sending emails, this is how we include attachments.

1. Upload Your Document on Your Online Storage Facility

  • When you upload your document on your online storage facility set the privacy settings to 'public'. This means that anyone who has the link to the document can view the file.
  • Copy the link to the document.


2. Copy Online Link to GoDoChurch Email 

  • When you get to Step 4: Write your email of the messaging process, compile the content of your email.
  • Highlight the word(s) you would like people to click on.
  • Click the hyperlink icon (see screenshot below) on the menu bar, insert the link to the document you have saved online and click 'Add'.

  • Click 'Send'.
  • Please Note: We recommend you send an email to yourself and test the link before sending to your list.