Introduction to Sermons module

One of the greatest needs a church faces in today's modern world is to find a simple way of hosting their audio files online and allowing the members of their church to access these files. Your recorded audio files may include sermons, teachings, leader's meetings, etc. GoDoChurch has developed the Sermons module to help make this process as simple as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: To enjoy the full benefit of the Sermons module, you need to activate the mobile app on your GoDoChurch subscription.
You will be able to access all the audio files using the GoDoChurch mobile app. This is one of the reasons why churches choose GoDoChurch - the system provides an easy way to host audio files online and provides a simple way to stream those audio files.

Adding a sermon channel

  • Click on your church name (top left).
  • Click Communications >> Sermons.

  •  Click Add Channel button to create your first sermon channel. The Sermons module is made up of channels that contain audio files. You may have a different channel for your morning or evening services, or for every sermon series that you do. You may want a channel for all the leader's meetings you record. You have the freedom to arrange your channels the way that best suits your ministry.

  • You will be presented with the following Channel information box.

  • Add a Title and Description for your channel.  This will give people an idea of what the channel is about.
  • Add a suitable image for your channel.  This image will be displayed on the mobile app when someone is accessing the audio.
  • Make sure you select the Is Active tick box.  If you don't activate your channel, it won't appear on the mobile app.

  • If you would like to delete a channel, then click Edit >> Delete of the channel in question.  


Next step

Your next step is to learn how to Upload a New Sermon.