Upload a new sermon


You have two options when uploading sermons. You can either:

  1. Upload sermons directly into GoDoChurch, OR
  2. Host your sermons with SoundCloud, and then copy the links into GoDoChurch.

Uploading sermons into GoDoChurch is easier, and free. We provide an RSS link if you want to share your sermons on your website.

1.  Uploading sermons directly into GoDoChurch

Uploading sermons in GoDoChurch is easy. 

1) Click on your database name (top left corner).
2) Click on Communication >> Sermons.

3) Click the Sermons button of the channel you want to use.

4) Click Add Sermon.

5) You will be presented with a New Sermon text box.

  • Enter the Title of your new sermon.

    • Enter a Summary of the sermon (short description).

    • Leave the URL text block blank.

    • Click the Upload Sermon link. Select the sermon you would like to upload. The sermon will then begin uploading. Once it is completed, the sermon will be available on the mobile app.

    • Click Save.

If you would like to share this sermon on your website, copy the link that has been added to the Sermon URL text box.

NOTE: GoDoChurch offers an RSS feed per channel. You can copy and paste your channel's RSS feed into any RSS Feed Viewer (eg. sermon plugin for your church's website) and this will allow your sermons to be viewed every time the webpage is refreshed.

2. Uploading sermons from a third party application

At GoDoChurch we suggest you use SoundCloud if you would like to use another online hosting platform for your audio files. They offer an exceptionally good service. There is a small fee for the paid version, but their pricing is very competitive with other audio hosting facilities. They also offer very nice audio plugins for your sermons which you can load on your church website.

Follow these steps if you wish to use another application to host your audio files:

  • Sign up for an online hosting service like SoundCloud.

  • Upload your sermons to your hosting service.

  • Create a sermon channel in GoDoChurch.

  • Follow the steps outlined above for creating a new sermon, except, instead of clicking Upload sermon, do the following:

    • Copy the 'sharing' or 'streaming' link from your third-party software, and paste it into the Sermon URL text box.

    • NOTE: do not copy and paste the 'download' link. This will not work.

  • Click Save.

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