GoDoChurch allows you to create different registration types for events. This help file explains how registration types work, and how to edit them.

Registration types

The most important thing to know about registration types is that they come in two broad categories: Adult and Kids tickets. You can create as many Adult and Kids registration types as you want, but only adults can register for Adult registration types and only kids can register for kid registration types. So if kids will be attending your event, and you need them to be registered, then make sure your event has a Kids ticket option!

All events come pre-loaded with one Adult and one Kids registration type. You are free to add, edit or delete these as necessary.

What about family tickets?

GoDoChurch does not support single tickets for multiple people. For example, you cannot set up a "Couples"� registration type and then have two people assigned to that one ticket. Only one person can be assigned to a ticket. If a couple needs to register for an event they will need to purchase two adult tickets.

Creating and new registration type

To add a registration type for an event:

  • In the main view of the Events module, click More >> Registration types next to the event you want to edit.

  • To create a new registration type click New Registration Type.

To edit a registration type

  • To edit an existing registration type open the registration type view (from main events view click More >> Registration types), and click the Edit button next to the registration type.

Registration type options

  • Name of Registration Type: The name of the ticket type.

  • Is a kids ticket: Tick this to make it a Kids ticket.

  • Description: Use this text box to describe the ticket and also give the ticket holder any instructions specific to the ticket type. For example, if it's a kids ticket for an outdoor event, remind the parents to bring Sunscreen. This extra info will be included on the ticket we email the ticket holder/guardian. 

  • Base cost: The cost of the ticket excluding VAT and service charge. (Note VAT and a service charge are only added to tickets sold online). For more info on payouts, read Event payout FAQ.

  • Max tickets available: Use this to set how many tickets can be sold for the event. Once all the tickets have been sold the system will automatically mark these tickets as sold out. 

  • Show as still available: use this to control if a ticket should be available for registration.