Q: When someone buys a ticket online, where does the money go?

A: When a person purchases a ticket via the online registration page of your event the funds are deposited into a central GoDoChurch account. GoDoChurch then deposits the funds into your churches bank account on a regular basis.

Q: How often does GoDoChurch payout for events?

A: While other online events systems only pay churches out AFTER the event has completed, we know churches often need to use the income from registration to organise the event in advance. That is why we pay churches out once a week, on a Tuesday. Please note, funds may take a few days to clear.

 Q: Can we request a payout sooner than the once a week schedule?

A: Unfortunately, no.

Q: How much will we be paid for the sale of online tickets?
A: Your church will be paid the base fee of the ticket. i.e. the online ticket price, less VAT and our service charge.

Q: How can I see what has been paid out to our church?

A: You can use the events reports tools to track all payments. Read this help file for more info on how to use the reports tool.

Q: We haven’t been paid for an event. Why not?

A: There are a few possibilities: 

  1. Are you sure you have sold tickets online, and not just for cash?
  2. Does the event have a bank account assigned to it for payout purposes? 
  3. Are you sure the info you have entered for the bank account is correct?
  4. GoDoChurch pays churches out once a week; perhaps you are between payments.

Q: Our accountant needs to balance the income received from events with ticket sales. How can we do that?

A: The event reports tool allows you to export an Excel document that captures all the info re. ticket sales. Your accountant can use that reporting tool to double check everything is in order.