If the event you are running has tickets you will probably want to check people’s registration info and sign people in at the door. GoDoChurch allows you to do all that.

Note: To manage events you need Executive (or higher) permission level.

Registrants view

Use the Registrants view on the day of the event to sign people in. You can access the Registrants view by clicking the Registrants button next to the event.


Adult vs Kids tickets

The Registrants' view splits the adult and kids tickets into two tabs. You can access these two views using the two tabs at the top of the screen.


Signing someone in and out

  • To sign someone in click the Sign in button. 
  • To sign them out click More >> Sign out.

Setting up multiple sign-in stations

You can easily set up as many laptops at your event as you need. Multiple staff can all work on the same event at the same time. All they need is their own GoDoChurch account so they can log in, and the correct permission levels to work on the Events module (Executive and above).

How to quickly find a person in your list of registrants

Use the search fields at the top of the registrants' list to quickly find someone. You can simply type in the first few letters of their name and the system will do a quick search for you.


Printing labels

GoDoChurch does not currently support the printing of labels. To print labels, you will need to use the Export feature in the Registrants view and then use that info to create your own labels before the event. 

Restrictions to sign in

If you try to sign someone in who has not paid the system will warn you. When setting up the event you have the option of setting a special code that needs to be entered into the system by someone with Administrator-level permission in order to successfully sign someone in who has not paid. This is very useful if you are running a large conference and have lots of staff working at different doors to sign people into the event. Setting a code means only people who know this code, and who have administrator permissions, will be able to sign people in who have not paid.

For more info on how to set/edit this code see the Creating an event help file.