Q: How much does it cost our church to use the Events module?

A: Nothing. The events module is included for free in every GoDoChurch base package. We only charge a service charge for tickets sold online, and this cost is covered by the ticket purchaser, not the church. 

Q: When someone buys a ticket online, where does the money go? And when do we get paid?

A: Check out our Event payout FAQ for more info.

Q: What service charge do you add to online tickets?

A: We add a R5 + 4.9% service charge. No service charge is added to tickets sold for cash or EFT. VAT is also deducted.

Q: Can people pay for their tickets purchased online via EFT?

A: No, they need to pay by debit or credit card. If someone insists on paying via EFT you need to register them manually and mark them as having paid by EFT.

Q: Can I register people who are not in our database/church for an event?

A: Yes. When registering people manually the system first asks you to search for the person’s info; if it can’t find the person - i.e they are not in your database - you can add their details manually. If a person is registering via the online reg page they don't need to be in your GoDoChurch database in order to register. All they need is a GoDoChurch account. If they don't have an account yet, they can create one as part of the registration process.

Note: registrants only get added to your database if you want them to be added. See the question below for more info.

Q: If I run a large conference and lots of people who aren't in our church register, won’t my database get bloated with all the new registrants and cause our monthly costs to skyrocket?

A: No. When creating an event there is a tick box title Add new registrants to my database�. If ticked, anyone who registers for your event who is not already part of your database will be added; if it is unticked they will only be added to the event as a registrant but will not be added to your database. This allows churches to run large conferences with outside guests and not bloat their database.

Q: Why do people need to sign in on the online registration page in order to register?

A: Two reasons: 1) for security, and 2) signing in gives the person access to all their family info stored on the GoDoChurch system, meaning they can register their family members ten times quicker than other online events systems. 

Q: Does GoDoChurch have a way to allocate seating for events?

A: Not at the moment. One way around this is to create a few unique registration types for different parts of the event seating plan and limit how many of these tickets are available. For example: create a registration type called “Balcony - Adult”� or “Front row - Adult”� and restrict tickets for sale to the amount of those seats available.

Q: Can we print labels for our events?
A: GoDoChurch does not support label printing at the moment, but you can export the names of the people who have registered using the Export feature in events, and then use that info to create labels before the event.

Q: What if I don’t want people to register for an event and instead I just want to advertise the event?
A: Yes you can do that. Just mark the event as not requiring registration and the online reg page and mobile app will display that info for you. This way your congregation will know which events they MUST register for, and which they can simply attend.