Event organisation is one of the biggest administrative burdens a church carries. Even a simple event has numerous aspects to it that usually require the use of a host of tools. Registration is usually handled using Excel docs or third party online ticketing software; communication is then handled by email or a third party SMS system - but firstly, you have to upload all the contact info, and then you have to keep it up to date!; payments are then made in cash or EFT, but have to be checked manually; and finally check-in at the event is usually managed using Excel spreadsheets - lots of them :)

Imagine if a church could have all of these needs met with just one tool allowing you to handle registration, communication, payment, and check-in with ease. GoDoChurch is that tool! We have created a comprehensive Event module allowing churches to manage events with ease.

Overview of how the Events module works

Let's begin with a bird's-eye-view of how the Events module can help you organise an event.

Event creation
You begin by creating an event in GoDoChurch using our simple event creation wizard.

Set up registration types
Next, you set up the different kinds of tickets that are available for the event.

Invite people to the event
When you create an event GoDoChurch automatically creates an online registration page for you which people can use to register. To invite people simply share the link to the registration page via SMS or social media, or you could post the link to your church website or Facebook page.

Register people for the event
There are three ways to register someone for an event: 1) via the online registration page, 2) directly into the GoDoChurch Events module (good for Sunday services), or 3) via the GoDoChurch mobile app.

Send people a ticket
When a person registers GoDoChurch sends a confirmation email with their digital ticket attached.

Communicate with registrants
Because GoDoChurch comes with built-in communication tools like SMS, you can easily send a message to everyone who has registered, or to everyone who has yet to pay.

Track payments
If a person pays online GoDoChurch will track this for you, or alternatively, you can manually mark someone as having paid. All payments come into a central GoDoChurch account and are deposited into an account of your choice once a week.

Sign people in at the door
On the day, open GoDoChurch on a laptop and sign people into the event.

Rinse and repeat
We have built a template feature into GoDoChurch which allows you to create copies of events, meaning that if you host an event regularly (eg. a members course) you can use a template of that event each time it runs, saving you a lot of time.

Paid vs. free events

GoDoChurch allows you to create paid or free events. You have the ability to create different registration types with different prices (very useful for giving discounts to pensioners or early-bird tickets). We also have support for Kids tickets if you are running a Kids track at an event.

At the moment online registration and payment are only available for churches in South Africa. If you are based in another country you can still run paid events, but people won't be able to register online, and they will need to pay by cash or EFT.

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