This help file is designed to help you know how to navigate your way around the events module so you know where to find things.


List of events

You can find a list of all your events in the Events module.

  • Main menu >> Church life >> Events


Creating an event

Open the events module and click New event.


Editing an event

Click Edit next to an event and use the wizard to make changes.

Registration types

You create and edit an event's registration types as follows:

Find the event in the Events module:

  • Click More >> Registration types


List of registrants

Each event has its own list of registrants allowing you to see who has registered for an event. You can also use this page to manually register someone.


Online registration page

To access an event's online registration page:

  • Find the event in the Events module
  • Click More >> Online reg. Page. 

You set up an events online registration page using a combination of the event wizard, as well as the registration types view.


Event reports

Use the event reports to track ticket sales and payouts.


Bank Settings

If you are running paid events you need to enter bank info so GoDoChurch can pay your church out. 

Bank info is added in Settings, but set for an event in the event Wizard.