This tutorial will explain how to send an invite for an event you have created.

Each event comes with its own online registration web page that allows your congregation to easily register for an event online. It works great on mobile, tablet, or desktop.  You don't have to use the online registration page if you don't want to and can instead register people for an event manually. But if you would like to use the online registration page, keep reading.

Grabbing the URL for your online registration page

Each event has a unique registration page with a unique URL. 

To get this URL open the Events module main page, and click on the More button next to your event and then select Copy link to online reg. page.

Sending the invite

  • To invite people, use the Messaging module to send out an invite, and paste this link into an SMS, or an email.
  • You can also paste this link on social media, or link this URL to a button on your church website.
  • Alternatively, if you only want to invite a very specific group of people, you could use the Advanced Search module to draw up a list and then send a message to only those people.
  • And don't forget, if your church has signed up for the GoDoChurch mobile app, the event will be advertised on the app.