Three ways to register for an event


 There are three ways to register people for an event in GoDoChurch.

  1. Online registration page via a link.
  2. Manual registration and the GoDoChurch Admin system
  3. Member Mobile app

1. Online registration page

GoDoChurch automatically creates an online registration page for each event you create. Think of the online registration page as the event’s own mini webpage. You can share the link to this page via email or SMS, on your website, or on social media, allowing people to register and pay online. For more info on how your church receives funds from the sale of online tickets read Event payouts FAQ.

For more tips on how to invite people to your event read Send an invite to your event

2. Manual registration

Each event has a Registrants page that shows who has registered for the event. This view also has a New registrant button that allows you to manually register people who want to pay by cash or EFT. If someone wants to pay by card, direct them to the online registration page.

3. Mobile app

If your church has signed up for the GoDoChurch mobile app, your congregation can get info about upcoming events, and also register directly through the app for those events (registration via the app is currently only available to churches in South Africa).


When a person registers for an event GoDoChurch emails them their ticket. 

Note: tickets only get sent when payment is complete. If you register someone manually via the Registrants view and set their payment option as Pay later, their ticket will only be emailed to them when you mark their ticket as Paid.

If you need to resend a ticket to someone, find the person in the list of registrants, click More >> Resend ticket. You can only resend a ticket to someone who has paid.

Kids vs Adults registration - how they are different

There are two categories of tickets in GoDoChurch: Adult and Kids tickets. Registration of these differs in two ways. 

1) You need to set a guardian for kids tickets.

When registering a child the system asks you to assign someone as the child’s guardian for the event. We do this for security so you always know who to contact in case of an emergency. In most instances, you can simply set a parent as the guardian. 

2) Kids tickets are emailed to the guardian, not the ticket holder (i.e the child).

When registering a child, we email the ticket to the guardian of the child.

Refunding and deleting a ticket

You can refund or delete a ticket from the Registrants view of an event. Find the ticket in question and click More >> Refund ticket/Delete

Note: all refunds are at a church’s expense and need to be handled by the church. i.e. if a ticket is sold online the church will need to a) refund the person in cash, and b) mark their ticket as refunded. GoDoChurch will still pay the church out for the sale of this ticket, but we do not offer refunds on service charges incurred in the purchase of online tickets.

For security purposes, all refunds are recorded in Event reports.

Paying by Cash or EFT

We recommend people register for events using the online registration page as it is significantly quicker. However, some people will insist on paying in cash or by EFT. In these cases, you need to register them manually on the Registrant view and mark them as having paid by cash or EFT. Note: churches will need to track/reconcile EFT payments manually. 

Swopping or editing a ticket

If a person wants to give their ticket to someone else there is no way to do this on the system. You will need to a) refund the ticket on the system, and b) register the new person on their own ticket.

If the info on a ticket is wrong - i.e a name is misspelt or the ticket has a wrong email address - then you need to open the person’s profile on the GoDoChurch system and edit it there as that is the source of the error. 

Signing people into an event

Read this help file for more info on signing people into an event.

FAQ re. registration

Q: Can I register people who are not in our database/church for an event?

A: Yes. When registering people manually the system first asks you to search for the person’s info; if it can’t find the person - i.e they are not in your database - you can add their details manually. 

Q: If I run a large conference, won’t my database get bloated and cause our monthly costs to skyrocket?

A: When creating an event there is a tick box titled Add new registrants to my database. If ticked, anyone who registers for your event who is not already part of your database will be added; if it is unticked they will only be added to the event as a registrant and will not be added to your database. This allows churches to run large conferences with outside guests and not have to bloat their database.